ONLY Young Tissue Extract from Norway
is Clinically Proven to Reduce Cortisol, Raise Serotonin.
The Only Known Source of Fibroblast Growth Factors

with Clinically Proven:

Stem Fit Active

Building Blocks for
Stem Cell Activation

ACEMANNAN (glycoproteins, glycopeptides)

NIH Proven Antiviral, Antitumoral, Immune Response Activator
and Induces Fibroblast Production. AloeVera Sourced.

Phytonutrient: Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate, or EGCG.

NIH Proven to Reduce Oxidative Stress & DNA Damage
Green Tea Sourced

Marine: Mucopolysaccharides/Glycosaminoglycans

NIH Studies Show Strengthens Adhesive Glycoproteins
(Fibronectin, Laminin & Tenascin) & Interactions with FGF-2/FGF-7
Implicated in cellular proliferation. Source: Purified Shark Cartilage

Plant Sourced (Pre-Digested) Mineral Complex

Clinically Proven to Reverse Bone Loss. 97% Absorption Rate!
Calcium goes to OsteoBlasts in Bones, NOT Kidneys/Arteries
Man Was Never Intended to Eat Rocks (Mined Calcium)


Superior Formulation Means Superior Performance
Embrace the Next Generation of Stem Cell Healing

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The Original Norwegian Young Tissue Extract

Y oung Tissue Extract (Proto-Embryonic Stage Extract or PESE) has an abundance of Fibroblast Growth Factor, as does the human placenta. ONLY the ORIGINAL Young Tissue Extract from Norway has the Clinical Studies to Prove it’s Increase of Serotonin (The ‘Happy Hormone’) and reduction of Cortisol (the ‘Stress Hormone’) and reduction of recovery time for exercise and increase in physical strength. Others make YTE in America (Existing clinicals were performed in Norway on Norway Extract). Norway has Pure Soil, Pure Water, non-GMO food and NO Salmonella. Happy, free-roaming hens with UN-Polluted Environment make Better Eggs (anyone who has raised Hens will attest), and Better Quality Eggs means Better Quality Extract & Higher Oligo-Peptide Concentration. FGF is the signaling molecule for stem cells to be assigned to repair damage. PESE’s Bioactive oligopeptides assist the modulation of collagen, elastin and melanin synthesis, resulting in improved skin, hair and nails (NIH Study: Bioactive oligopeptides in dermatology).

CLINICAL_STUDY_STRESS_DEPRESSION_OVERALL_HEALTH_ETC How does FGF signal Cells to Heal Damage? Click to Watch Video

Phyto-Nutrient: GREEN TEA’s Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate(EGCG)

E veryone’s heard about Green Tea’s reported curative properties, but few know that the NIH studies on EGCG back them up! From Regulating Mitochondrial Activity, Inhibiting Viruses in Humans to Treating Neurological Disease; NIH studies show it to be antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, causing activation of normal T-Cells and 20% reduction of breast cancer. We’re not making those claims for our product. Click to Read WIKI:EGCG and then look at the PubMed.Gov NIH studies on the EGCG that’s in Our Stem Fit right here: Study:Regulating Mitochondrial Activity Study:Inhibits Viruses in Humans Study:Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory Study:Activation of Normal T Cells Study:20% reduction in Breast cancer   Other Med Sources Journal Biomed Sciences: EGCG-mediated cardioprotection
Treating Neurological Disease And Literally Hundreds of Articles have been written GreenMed:Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate Benefits

Glyco Acemannan – Aloe Vera

A cemannan Immunostimulant (Mucopolysaccharides aka Glycosaminoglycans): When it comes to optimal cellular function and healing properties our Glyconutrient has a bioactive profile nearly identical to that of natural Aloe Vera inner leaf gel. There is absolutely no other Glyconutrient product on the market that can match the polysaccharide and ‘Acemannan’ content. READ Wiki:Acemannan. This allows our Glyconutrient to be more efficacious than even 4 to 10 times the amount of other commercially available Aloe Vera. Naturally provides (not added supplementation) 20 minerals; notably calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, chromium, magnesium, zinc manganese, and copper along with a full spectrum of 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins; including A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, and Folic Acid. StemFit-Active’s Glyconutrient supports a healthy, Immune System, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels to their normal range, Anti-Oxidant Function, Wound and Burn Repair. We’re not making claims about Stemfit having this, Here’s what the says though: Study:Causes Tumors to Die Off Study:Immunostimulant Study:Antiviral, Antitumoral, Activation of Immune Responses
Patent App:Potent Inducer of Interleukin-1/T-lymphocytes/Fibroblasts More Articles GreenMed:Acemannan
Watch TED Talk GlycoBiology

Marine Plant Sourced Mineral Complex Algae Calcareas

O ur Marine mineral complex plant-sourced calcium has an astounding 97% absorption rate, 70+ trace minerals, and vitamin K2 and C that ensure that calcium goes into your bones and NOT your kidneys or towards clogging your arteries. Thirteen of the minerals in this complex have been clinically shown to affect bone health in addition to calcium. It is clinically proven to reverse bone loss in less than one year. Wild harvested and cold processed allows for all of the organic elements such as fatty acids and phytonutrients to remain intact.

Real Purified Shark Cartilage not a generic marine protein

R eal Shark Cartilage combined with Proto-Embryonic Stage Extract from Norway is what started all the Buzz a few years back! Our formulators know that PERSONALLY, and will not settle for less. The Glycosaminoglycans & Mucopolysaccharides in shark are documented to interact with Fibroblast Growth Factor FGF-2 and FGF-7, displaying documented implications in cellular proliferation; WIKI:Glycine as a nuerotransmitter in itself and assist in cognitive functions. Any generic marine protein just won’t do.

Embrace the Next Generation Of Stem Cell Based Healing

L ess Expensive than the competition. With all the ingredients to completely change your health and well being. THINGS TO EXPECT: Improve Sleep (longer/deeper) Proven Stress Reduction Improve Focus, Concentration & Memory Naturally Balance Hormones (male & female) Improve Energy, Vitality & Endurance Balance Blood Sugar Better Prolonged Exersize and Physical Exertion Diminished Signs of Premature Aging Click to See Prices & Buy StemFit Risk-Free
30day Moneyback Guarantee!

Some of us have been looking all our lives for diets, supplements or nutritional therapies that have a major impact that can shift our body from a declining, degenerative state to a RE-generative state  where the body starts to rebuild and rebalance. Using these methods, it can be very difficult and take time, depending upon how advanced a condition is, to reverse this process of degeneration.  StemFit is a totally unique product that can help reverse this degenerative decline into a regenerative spiral upwards.  StemFit Consists of FIVE Whole Un-Denatured Foods;

Young Tissue Extract from Norway is an molecular extract from a fertilized egg from an organically raised hen, taken at the exact hour on the ninth day of incubation, when the life creating potential inside the egg is at its maximum; just before the Stem Cells of the egg begin to form beaks, bones and feathers. Balancing the Amino Acid Fuel Supply is Vital for building tissue; That is accomplished with Molecular Extracts from Genuine Shark Cartilage (Marine ), Aloe Vera (Glyco), Green Tea (Phyto)and Algae Calcareas (Phyto).

Such Amazing Results! Never before has something helped so many people with so many things for so little cost. People want to know; How does it work in the body? Why are people getting such dramatic results? These are results that Can be seen within days. People that were depressed are no longer depressed. They sleep better. They have more energy. Their intestines work better. They digest better. Pain is reduced. A Broad Array of Benefits occur. So, in a sense this operates as an Adaptogen. StemFit is not specific for any one problem. It’s pretty much good for all problems. The question is why? Why is it helping so many different problems?

The secret is the Young Tissue Extract which is rich with ‘Fibroblast Growth Factors’, specifically FGF-2 & FGF-7. These Molecules act as signal molecules, or Protein chains that inform or tell dormant stem cells to reactivate in your body. It’s Instructions, like a software program that instructs the stem cells that are dormant in your body, the stem cells that  are attached to damaged areas in your body. If you have an injury in your shoulder, there are dormant stem cells attached there or in your liver, your blood vessels or your brain. Anywhere you’ve had some damage or degeneration. It could be something other than physical trauma. It could be just gradual chemical or toxin damage to tissues. Anywhere you find those damaged tissues, you find stem cells.

 Everyone is born full of Fibroblast Growth Factors. That is why we grow so fast as a child. During our first growth spurt at ages 6-8, we expend 70-90% of what we have on that spurt and when we reach physical maturity at ages 17-22, we use up the last bit of what we had. After that, the only FGF we get it through food sources, our bodies CANNOT Manufacture FGF. As we age, our stem cells are dormant. They are not active. They are not getting instructions about what to do. These growth factors are the instructions. A Molecule is a Molecule. The Extracted FGF Molecules in the fertile chicken egg that is about  to become a full-blown chick are just like the FGF Molecules in your mother’s placenta before YOU were born.

Most people will experience regrowing of damaged areas of the body in the first four months. Your body will experience the healing Fuel & Instructions that you only had as a child ONCE AGAIN! When you take StemFit, you are activating your stem cells to repair and regenerate.  It can be any area of the body. If you have an injury; if you are exhausted – your adrenals and thyroid are weak; If your immune system is weak; if you have skin problems; if you have eyesight problems. Virtually any place in your body that needs help will be benefited by taking StemFit.