Buying Wholesale Laminine ® DOES NOT mean selling a Product- it means saving 25% !

    This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is NOT the mlm you have heard about. This is about a simple effort to help people improve their quality of life. 85% of the near 100,000 users of Laminine® never sell anything. But they want Wholesale Prices and they want it sent monthly to them so they never run out. They appreciate what it has done for them, and often share their experience with hurting folks in their circle of love and influence. Do you know someone who should have information about Laminine® so they can make their own informed decision about whether or not to give it an Honest Try?.

    Dr. Shelva Christian, one of the nation's foremost Naturopathic Practitioners, says that in her long experience with naturopathic remedies, like Laminine®, there is a process of retracing of the condition being addressed. The symptoms that appeared most recently will be the first ones to disappear, and vice-versa. Rebuilding our bodies at a cellular level is a process. She compares it to layers of an onion being peeled away. She says with Laminine®, most people see some improvement, gradually increasing, from the first week to the 12th week. But the FOURTH MONTH is when she sees the most dramatic recoveries occur.

    You may buy it because your knees hurt and find your chronic digestive problems addressed first. You see, YOUR body and your body alone knows better what needs healing first. Better than you, better than your doctor or nutritionist. YOUR BODY KNOWS BEST. So Four months is a good period to shoot for, but start with one month. This website is NOT a company website. It belongs to an Independant Business Owner.
You won't find the Video Testimonials of Laminine® at the Corporate Headquarters site. You can also read Hundreds of Laminine Reviews ® Here. You'll not find Doctors Phone Calls with Testimonials there. You will find them HERE!.

    LifePharm©'s recommended protocol is as follows:
take 2 capsules, twice a day for 15 days and 1 capsule twice a day after that. That is the Three-Bottle First-Month minimum purchase at wholesale. Many people will adjust their individual protocol after that initial month. Many will Listen to their own body and reduce or increase accordingly. We absolutely URGE you to USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM, try Laminine with a friend or partner so you can compare results. It's Important!

    The Most Powerful Alternate Protocol is 3 capsules twice a day for the first week, then 2 capsules twice a day for the second week then one week off the first month, then back to 1 capsule twice a day. The vast majority of folks settle on 2caps twice a day

Both protocols are equal to the minimum intial purchase of 3 bottles. If you are battling huge obstacles then larger quantities are recommended. Most Doctors using the product settle in at a two-capsules-twice-per-day regimen.

Buying Laminine® at wholesale prices gives you a 25% discount. You will need to check two boxes. The first states that (in order to buy wholesale) you will be given IBO status (Independant Business Owner). Fear not! This does not obligate you to do anything. You don't have to sell anything ever. And you will not be providing your SSN or EIN if you are only using it. We are sure that after your first month YOU WILL be sharing about what Laminine® has done for you. And if some one asks you where to buy it, you can refer them right back here or you can get your own free personalized website as outlined in the email you will receive, and refer folks to it. You are going to love what it does for you!

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