ReTracing, The Side Effects of Laminine® when New Organs and Tissues Are Being Created

How to Recognize & Minimize Re-tracing Symptoms that can
Accompany Regeneration of Tissues and Organs

    When taking Laminine, most people notice a major significant improvement in their health within one or two months in the area of their primary complaint. And there are some folks who either don't see a significant change in their overall health OR they start to experience some symptoms and these symptoms are reminiscent of previous health problems they have had.

    This is called Retracing. It is very important for those who are taking Laminine to understand that they very well may experience retracing symptoms of conditions that they've had in the past. The reason that happens is because Laminine is activating stem cells in your body to regenerate damaged tissue. So, the cells of the damaged tissue, whether it be your blood cells, or liver cells or brain cells have to be removed as the brand new tissue is being made.

    When that happens, you can experience symptoms. For example; if you had injury and had damaged ligaments in your knee that caused pain, when Laminine comes in and starts to activate the repair of that damage, those damaged tissues are going to be removed and you may experience pain while your body is starting to repair that area.

    It could be the same for other symptoms, intestinal pain or even fatigue. Some people, as they start to dump toxins out of their cells, those toxins will get into their blood stream and they may feel tired or achy or exhausted or experience flu like symptoms. This is perfectly normal and should not deter you from continuing with Laminine.

There are several strategies you can use to reduce those symptoms.

    First of all, MAKE SURE YOU ARE DRINKING PLENTY OF WATER. You should drink about half your body weight in Ounces of water per day. So if you weigh 160lbs that would mean 80 ounces of Pure Water per day. Divided up that would mean TEN 8oz glasses per day. Just keep a glass next to you of Good Filtered Water, DON'T USE 'Reverse-Osmosis' or Distilled Water. Dr. Shelva Christian teaches that "Those are DEAD WATERS. God made water to flow over rocks for a reason!".

    The Second thing you might want to do is reduce the amount of Laminine you are taking. If you are taking four capsules a day, you could reduce it to two, if you are taking two capsules per day, you might reduce it to one. At least for a period of time until your body goes through the healing process, also known as the Re-Tracing pattern.

    The Third thing that you should do is make sure that your bowels are moving regularly. The retracing process will be much easier if your bowels are moving than if they are not. So make SURE you get enough Water, Beneficial Bacteria, Fiber and Magnesium for your bowels to move two to three times per day. That's optimal. This is a very important factor in reducing the symptoms that you have while going through the retracing pattern.

    Next, you should make sure that your liver is up to speed and working well so you can clear out toxins as they get eliminated into your blood stream. Many Doctors Recommend Liver-Life from Bio-Ray to help Up-Regulate and improve your liver function.

    So... Enough water, Reducing dosage, making sure your bowels are moving and Liver Support are four things you can do to help your body move through these retracing patterns with more ease. These patterns may appear periodically during the time you are taking Laminine. REMEMBER! THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL! And the most wonderful thing to keep in the front of your mind is that these symptoms mean you are GROWING NEW ORGANS AND TISSUES! Rejoice!!! Again I say Rejoice! You found the Right thing to extend your life!

    Some folks may not experience any retracing patterns at all but just don't seem to notice a difference. That is because the area being regenerated did not give you any symptoms of pain.

    Some people may have areas where arteries are slowly starting to get clogged but they don't feel any Symptoms. If Laminine is triggering a healing process in the blood vessels, you may not notice any change in the way you feel for months at a time.

    But rest assured, LAMININE IS helping your body to Re-Activate Stem Cells to do Repair! So, sometimes your primary complaints may not be addressed in the first two months. We suggest you give it four months, as Dr. Shelva Christian, Renowned Naturopath, says in her practice, she sees most the major miracles in the fourth month.

    We suggest that you document progress, keep a journal of the journey, making notes of all changes over that four months and then do an assessment of your overall health condition. See your Doctor again, have tests run. Many MANY people report very surprised Doctors and end up sharing Laminine with Their Health care Professional.

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